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Locomotives of the Malayan Railway

Welcome to Locomotives Of The Malayan Railway.This web site attempts to bring together information and images about locomotives and railcars which have run on the Malayan Railway system, from 1885 to the present day. The "Malayan Railway System", in this context, means the principal metre gauge network of the Malay Peninsular, which evolved into today's KTMB. Excluded are the railways of Eastern Malaysia, and any industrial or tourist operations, and rapid transit systems. It is not a comprehensive listing of all motive power which has worked in the region, but so far as I know, contains all the types which became standard classes on the Federated Malay States Railway and later KTMB. There are a number of different types, particularly contractors engines, which worked for the constituent railways, which either didn't survive into FMSR stock, or were never classified. If any information comes to light on these locomotives I will include it.

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Steam Locomotives


Class A

Class A (33)

Class B

Class C

Class C (40)

Class D

Class E

Class F

Class G

Class H (50)

Class I (30)

Class J

Class K

Class K (54)

Class L (53)

Class M (95)

Class O (56)

Class P (52)

Class Q (51)

Class R (31)

Class S (55)

Class T (32)

Class 90


1917 Steam Railcar

Sentinel Railcar

Diesel Locomotives

Class 15

Class 16

Class 17

Class 18

Class 19

Class 20

Class 21

Class 22

Class 23

Class 24

Class 25

Class 26

Class 29

Class YDM-4



Class 26 Railcar

Class 27 Railcar

Class 28 Railcar

Hungarian Railcar

BREL Demonstrator

Class 81 EMU

Class 82 EMU

Class 83 EMU

Class 91 EMU

Class 92 EMU