Singapore Through The Ages

The Singapore River (and its Bridges)

The Singapore River is no Amazon or Danube. Within a mile of the river mouth it is an insignificant stream. But the Singapore River was the heart and soul of Singapore for more than a century. Few rivers on the planet meant as much to one city as the Singapore River.

The river has a complex history, particularly regarding the many bridges, some of which have been rebuilt several times and have carried various names. I have done my best to interpret the available resouces, but I'm not convinced that anyone really knows the accurate history of Singapore's river bridges.

The following map is from a 1960s street directory, and shows the area covered by this section. We will be following the River from its mouth (by the Anderson Bridge) upstream as far as Pulau Saigon.

Click on any image to see an enlargement.

The River Mouth

Anderson Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Monkey Bridge

Boat Quay

Elgin Bridge

Coleman Bridge

Read Bridge

Clemenceau Bridge

The Upper Reaches

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